Message From Principal

MOUNT LITERA as the name implies in itself ” The Mountain of Education” To reach the peak of success. Education is the only key to unlock the unique infinite potential within each child. It is a continuous and step by step process maintaining balance between knowledge, skills, and values. This healthy balance lies at the core of all our scholastic and co-scholastic planing. The prioritization of discipline and the emphasis on academics provide the skills that 21st Century adults will need and the values and habits that will bring them opportunities for transformational leadership.

Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood. We at Mount Litera Zee School, Jaunpur wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one. Mount Litera Zee School Jaunpur seeks to develop students into confident, disciplined and critical thinkers. These qualities ensure that they grow into responsible and caring adults of a global society. This can be achieved better through experiential learning and specifically created opportunities. We aim to educate through a holistic approach that will enable our students to explore and utilize their potential to the fullest. We achieve this through a curriculum that goes beyond academics and incorporates within itself various experiences like studying the environment, adventure, leadership training and service to society, hence making their journey to self-realization a fulfilling one. Education of the highest quality is possible in an environment where students feel valued and respected. At MLZS, the democratic ethos pervades every aspect of interaction with students, parents and mentors. It is in such an environment that our students develop an understanding of not just their strengths but also their weaknesses. This in turn leads to a healthy self- respect and increased confidence in their problem solving abilities. The curriculum is based on the most advanced methods of teaching, methods interdisciplinary project-based and research have driven. It also incorporates higher order thinking skills, multiple intelligence, technology and multimedia and Life Skills.